Frontdoor Pro将你和一个当地人配对, vetted 箴fessional who will help keep the appliances in your house in working order.



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在华盛顿特区找到你的服务, check out the up-front prices and highly reviewed Independent Service Pros.

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Your highly reviewed Pro will prepare an estimate to complete the repair.

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When the work is complete, pay the final invoice and relax, knowing you’re covered by our Frontdoor®专业保证.


4.5 平均评级 在全国范围内


  • Tell let us know which appliance could use some work and what the issue seems to be.
  • Our contractor will come to your house within the two-hour time frame you choose so your device is fixed quickly.


Students are coming home from Marymount University and other universities, and school is out for the little ones—which adds up to more work for your appliances.

Whether you're counting on refreshments from the refrigerator after a long day at Rock Creek Park or using your washer and dryer to clean all the towels and clothes that get you through from a weekend camping trip, 你的电器必须准备好. The DC area sees hot, humid summers—but don’t forget your dryer for those rainy days. 天气好的时候, you might open up the fridge to host a BBQ or put on your hiking clothes for a walk around Rock Creek Park. Appliance repair in DC is here to help you keep that refrigerator in top shape and your washing machine running to wash off the dirt after a day of exploring.

而保持所有电器的平稳运行是至关重要的, 有些人比其他人更容易受到季节性的磨损. Summer and winter temperatures can cause additional strain on appliances, but even spring's average 59-degree and fall's 62-degree temperatures can play a role in hindering appliance performance.

It's always a good idea to have your appliances checked by a 箴fessional, 不管一年中的什么时候. Regular maintenance may help extend the life of your appliances and prevent expensive repairs down the road. It's always best to be safe than sorry when it comes to home appliances. If you need appliance repair or service in 华盛顿, get in touch with us. bet3365标准版在这里帮助您全年保持一个高效的家.


与前门专业的家电维修, you can skip a trip to your local hardware store to search for the tools and parts to repair your device. Just select the appliance you want to repair and ask for a 箴 to come to your home in 华盛顿.

接下来你就知道,bet3365标准版的一个专业人士有4分.46-star 平均评级 on657 jobs in the area will be getting to work at your home.
  • 修理工为bet3365标准版提供了极好的服务. He knew immediately what was wrong with the appliance and explained it clearly. 他订了一件新的,第二天又来修理. 他动作很快,但很周密. bet3365标准版对你们的服务非常满意. 谢谢你!!
  • Frontdoor Pro很棒! 技术人员在他下班半小时后打来电话, 然后准时到达, 快速诊断并解决问题. 他彬彬有礼,办事效率高,能力强. 价格也很合适. I will definitely seek help from Frontdoor Pro if I have any future need for an appliance repair. 谢谢你!!



If one of your covered items breaks and can't be repaired, we will help you get a new one.

The 国内保修 is available for homeowners who want to be confident that that their devices work all year long. 它们不是保险, rather a year-long service agreement that helps you cover the expense of repairing your appliances.


平均而言, bet3365标准版计划 费用从每年500美元到700美元不等. bet3365标准版的计划开始时最低为每个月.
Adjust Your Trade Service Call Fee to Pay Less Per Service Call or to Lower Your Monthly Payments


修复/replacement cost ranges are the twentieth and eightieth percentile of U.S. costs as reported in A Study of Homeowners’ Appliance and Home Systems Service Experiences, a 在全国范围内 survey of homeowners conducted in 2019 by ClearVantage for . 明确禁止进一步复制或使用.

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    修理电器的价格会因年龄、品牌和类型而变化. 在华盛顿,平均维修费用为227美元.74. “肯 appliance repair costs, for example, are less than those of other manufacturers. The most prevalent machines that require servicing are fridges, dryers, dishwashers, and ranges.
    bet3365标准版在华盛顿修理洗衣机的费用在100美元到200美元之间. 取决于模型, 一台新洗衣机的价格可能高达2美元,000, 取决于品牌和型号. 肯摩洗衣机和烘干机是阿宾顿最受欢迎的维修产品, 其次是Frigidaire, 三星, 和LG.
    漏水是热水器最普遍的问题. As your water heater ages, water corrodes the tank and can cause small fissures. 如果冷水入口或热水出口有水泄漏, you could be able to repair the leak by simply using a pipe wrench and tightening the couplings. 肯莫尔热水器是阿宾登地区维修最多的, 新热水器的价格通常在1美元,000 to $3,000.
    华盛顿的冰箱维修费用通常在100美元到200美元之间, 购买新冰箱, 然而, 价格在1美元之间,000元及2元,000. One thing to also keep in mind is that “肯 refrigerators are the most common brand serviced in the Abington area.

    独立冰箱的最佳使用寿命约为12年, 虽然内置冰箱价格更高,但使用寿命更长, so if you have a stand-alone model around 12 years old and is showing signs of wear, 你应该买一个,而不是修理它. In the Abington area, “肯 refrigerators are the most frequently serviced brand.
    有些人可以自己诊断和解决干燥机的问题. 干燥机s can experience 箴blems in a variety of areas and functions—from the drum not turning to the dryer not starting. You may notice that your dryer now takes a long time to dry a load of laundry or that it is getting too hot. It's important to diagnose the exact 箴blem before you start on DIY repairs. 如果你选择不自己动手, you'll find many qualified 箴fessionals to service your dryer in 华盛顿.

    It's easier to locate the 箴blem if you understand the basics: Most dryers run on a motor that uses pulleys and belts turn the drum. 通过燃气或电加热的空气被推过滚筒. 定时恒温器控制热量和速度. Many if not most dryers also have a restart button that can get things running if the issue is not part of the motor, 开关, 或者电气系统. 如果您在诊断问题时遇到困难, 也许是时候联系华盛顿的烘干机维修专业人员了.


    New Jersey Residents: The 箴duct being offered is a service contract and is separate and distinct from any 箴duct or service warranty which may be 箴vided by the home builder or manufacturer.